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Exploring the Surreal and Nostalgic Through Melody

About Boltah Music

Boltah Music is the indie progressive brainchild of Chicago-based singer, songwriter, keyboardist, and conductor, Ben Bolter. Known for his emotive melodies and introspective lyrics, Ben, under the moniker ‘Boltah’, creates a unique sound that resonates with the surreal and nostalgic aspects of life.

The Journey

From the cozy corners of Bloomington, Indiana, to the vibrant stages of Chicago, Boltah’s journey in music is a testament to the power of passion and creativity. His performances, characterized by a blend of haunting vocals and captivating keyboard harmonies, have graced various venues, leaving audiences enthralled by their depth and authenticity.

Music and Albums

Boltah’s discography includes the soul-stirring album “Time Flies,” a collection of songs that navigate the complexities of time and emotion. Each track in this album is a window into Ben’s artistic vision, seamlessly blending thought-provoking lyrics with mesmerizing melodies.

Collaborations and Media Features

A versatile artist, Boltah has collaborated with talented musicians, bringing diverse sounds and perspectives to his music. His work has extended beyond the realm of traditional music, gaining recognition in various media. Notably, Boltah’s music was featured in an animated series by Myles Hunt of Smyles Creative, showcasing his ability to adapt and thrive in different artistic domains.

Listen and Connect

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